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Homeownership 101 Post-Course Survey

Congratulations on completing the Homeownership 101 Series Course! Please take a moment to complete our brief survey linked below and share your thoughts on Homeownership 101.

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How would you rate the overall effectiveness of the Homeownership 101 course in preparing you for the responsibilities of homeownership?*
Which topics covered in Homeownership 101 did you find most valuable?*
Did the course adequately address your questions and concerns about the homebuying process?*
When would you like to begin your journey toward homeownership?*
Were the instructors knowledgeable and approachable?*
How likely are you to apply the knowledge gained from this course in your journey toward homeownership?*
How likely are you to recommend Homeownership 101 to a friend or family member who is considering buying a home in the near future?*
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